To dive“ is just the perfect association for she dives’ music: There’s nordicly algid, yet cristal clear soundscapes growing out of Nils Bloch’s and Asger Kudahl’s efforts. They’re made out of smoothly flowing electronics, metalic twinkling guitar strings and this extra-ordinary voice. It’s all about loss and retrieval. But never about easy solutions. And for sure, the waves are closing in above the listeners’ heads.

she dives is still a very new band name. But the two Copenhageners Nils Bloch and Asger Kudahl already have, as two third of Temple, played a hugely promising European tour – followed up by a first round through Germany under their new moniker; presenting new melodical and haunting songs at eleven stages. Now they want to reach even further.

In August she dives’ debut album Nebula is gonna be released in Denmark and the US. You might call Nebula a concept album, an important one: It’s all framed by a topic as basic and inescapable as disintegration: Musical form dissolves slowly throughout the record. It’s an impressive journey from tangible song structures towards an abstract sonic universe. An artistic mirroring of the disintegration that is such a fundamental premise for all living entities – from natural organisms to cultural phenomena.

she dives’ elaborate take on this topic doesn’t stop with the music itself: All titles on Nebula are links to websites – as time passes, websites disappear, giving the song titles an expiration date… a sort of built-in obsolescence that reflects the logic of the markets.

In summer 2017, she dives are available to present their new, extra-ordinary work in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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Germany, Austria, Switzerland | Label: Resonans | Agent: Florian


Selected Press:

“A great, great performance” (BR Puls)

“Asger Kudahl and Nils Bloch from Copenhagen and their band She Dives should be on your radar. Born out of the ashes of their former band Temple the duo creates haunting but also quite intimate masterpieces that deserve more spotlight.” (Nothing But Hope And Passion)


generally available in August and October, November, December.

Touring Highlights:

Two Europe-Tours with (partly sold out) gigs at places like Swamp (Freiburg), Milla (München), Albani (Winterthur), Galao (Stuttgart), Hafen 2 (Offenbach) | supporting The Twilight Sad in Berlin

Past Tourdates with [fwd: like waves]:

2016 Spring: 17.3. D-Kiel, Prinz Willy // 18.3. D-Leipzig, Wärmehalle Süd // 19.3. D-Künzelsau, Kokolores // 20.3. CH-Winterthur, Villa K. // 21.3. D-München, Glockenbachwerkstatt // 23.3. D-Stuttgart, Galao // 24.3. D-Chemnitz, Aaltra // 25.3. D-Stuttgart, Galao (additional acoustic show) // 26.3. D-Offenbach, Hafen 2 // 27.3. D-Berlin, Filmrauschpalast

2016 Winter: 07.01. D-Bremen, Karton // 09.01. D-München, innen: welt.-Festival

2015 Spring (as Temple): 28.3. D-Freiburg, Swamp // 30.3. CH-Winterthur, Albani // 31.3. D-München, Milla Club // 1.4. D-Chemnitz, Odradek // 2.4. D-Hamburg, About Songs @ Hasenschaukel // 3.4. D-Leipzig, Wärmehalle Süd // 4.4. D-Berlin, Privatclub /w The Twilight Sad