…are a Leipzig-based band headed by classically trained pianist Rahel Hutter: Six people weaving live music that’s embracing high-powered beats – just as well as spherical sounds. Think of captivating melodies and rhythmic motifs; a colourful multi-layered soundscape. Think of minimalist and electronic music, post-rock and jazz. A fabulous mixture just in time for 2017. Or, in fact, well ahead of its time.

We promise: Together with Sascha Herrmann’s video and light installations, a performance by The Cloche evolves into an energy-packed listening and viewing experience. Their debut album “Telescope” will be out in September on Unit Records.

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Territory: Europe | Label: Unit Records | Agent: Florian

Touring Highlights:

33C3 Congress 2016 / various gigs, ranging from club (Kater Blau, Berlin) to cinema (Lichthaus, Weimar) to indie venues (Neubad, Luzern)